Friday’s coming ’round again.

This week, our happy hour is being blessed by our second favourite Canadians!

(James, I’ll bump you up to first favourite when you have a video with a topless Emily Ratajkowski in it. BLESS YOU, ROBIN THICKE.)

Come join us at THE SANDY HUT because we’ve passed the honeymoon period with them & have given up on trying. (faaaaaaaaancy site there, guys!)

1430 NE Sandy Blvd

Happy Hour 4-7. $2.75 wells, $2.00 on all tall-boys
Jello Shots for a buck.


Come say hi to James & Deb!

Visual approximation

Visual approximation


Is it Tuesday you’re looking for?


I’ve been alone with scoot
Inside my mind
And in my dreams I’ve changed the spark plug
A thousand times
I sometimes see you
Pass outside my door


It’s Tuesday, come meet up with us at Tonic



Where I hope most of you will have had this song stuck in your head all day.


This week’s Happy Hour is the Puddle Cutters Extravaganza!

Because they’re just so cuddly, this week we’re joining our friends for the Puddle Cutters rally.

Friday’s itinerary is:

Meet at Club 21 @ 4pm. Ride leaves at 7pm.
2035 NE Glisan St, Portland, OR 97232

Friday night party at THE WHITE OWL.

1305 SE 8th Ave, Portland, OR 97214
DJ AM GOLD is gonna be spinning records for us

Full weekend itinerary can be found at

These guys kill me.

These guys kill me.

Because we’re so generous, we’re giving you OPTIONS

It’s Tuesday, and it’s hot out. WHAT TO DO? I’ll just let you look at the weather, first. I’ll wait right here for you to check it out.

Every day, for the rest of our life.

Every day, for the rest of our life.

Done? Let’s talk.

Well, you aren’t my real dad, so I’m deciding. It’s hot, and a few of us are going to go see Star Trek tonight at Laurelhurst Theater. The only showing is at 7PM. 


2735 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214

If you can’t make it, please feel free to go to Tonic & keep them company.