Train your livers, save your singles, Spring Scoot is cumming. Again.

Spring Scoot Schedule

(most likely… who knows, shit could change. Facebook is the place to see the most up to date schedule.)

Thursday 4/5 – We’ll figure something out for those of you showing up early. Non-committal, just how you like it.

April 6th

Friday Meet ‘n Greet

6pm- The Zipper
2705 NE Sandy Blvd
Bar/food court/nail salon
Get your drink on and your nails did.
Pick up your Rally Pack
Ride to our late night party.

April 7th

Saturday Breakfast

10am- The Sextant
4035 NE Marine Dr
Wash off some of the fun from last night (but not all of it)
Ride – R.I.P. City. We’ll be exploring places that we’ve lost over time, with a few surprises along the way. We’ll end up at Vespa Portland for food and drink and the normal Saturday afternoon fun.

Saturday Night

9pm- The High Water Mark
6800 NE Martin Luther King Jr
Get your dancing shoes on. We’ve got The Ramodes (Depeche Mode covers in the style of The Ramones) and Boys Keep Swinging (All David Bowie covers)
To get into the venue just say you’re with TnP

April 8th

Sunday Morning

10 am- The Lighthouse
10808 NW St Helens Rd
Breakfast, raffle, awards, telling Soupcan to call tickets faster, asking where the hell the 2%ers are, and finally mounting up for the ride west.

Sunday ends at the McMenamins Grand Lodge in Forest Grove. Claim your rooms now, pack up your booze and your swim trunks.

Monday 4/9- Wash off the fun, do your walk of shame, ride home, don’t come out until you’ve realized what you’ve done.