CANCELLED: Spring Scoot 26

April 2nd – 6th, 2020

After much deliberation we will regrettably be canceling Spring Scoot this year due to the rising concerns of COVID-19.

Even though enjoying irresponsibility together is what we do best, logistically keeping all of our venues in line and all the unforeseen circumstances that could pop up really make organizing this one tough.

It was only six weeks ago that this was a mere blip on the radar, and we’ve all seen enough zombie simulators to know what this could look like in three weeks.

We all have loved ones close to us in the scooter community and at home that are vulnerable to this so let’s keep them in mind while we navigate the next few months. Wash your hands and stay home if you’re sick.

We will be issuing refunds to those that have already purchased their rally packs and if you have any other questions feel free to send us a message.
Twist and Play Scooter Club

Thank you to our Sponsors! We can’t do this without you!!

2 thoughts on “CANCELLED: Spring Scoot 26

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