Putt Stuff 2: What What in the Putt

putt stuff small image

Sunday, September 23, 11am to 10pm

Dust off your flat cap and shine up your club (are we still doing phrasing?) because Twist and Play is having another round of Putt Stuff!
Meet at the Lutz Tavern on Sunday, September 23 at 11am. $10 buy-in, we’ll have swag, food, and beer! Let’s brunch and hit the road for some mini-golf shenanigans in bar patios across town!

Buy Your Ticket Now!

Ticket includes beer coozie & button plus post-ride bbq & beer.
This is a very limited event, with only space for 30 people, so we expect these pre-sale tickets to go fast. In other words, get on it and buy your damn ticket now. Ride is open to scooters, mopeds, motorcycles, hovercrafts, autogyros, etc. and ends at a house party with barbecue and awards!

And join the Facebook event because that’s where we’ll post updates.

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