Happy hour, and helping a friend out

Hi, all! Let’s do the important thing first, THEN we’ll get to the drinking part.

Everyone’s friend Miranda Joy had her scooter stolen. Here’s some info from her:

“My scooter was stolen from in front of my house today,January 10, 2014 at 39th and SE Gladstone, it is a flat black small frame vespa, 1974, please keep your eye out for it. My phone number is (redacted for her privacy- find her on Facebook!) if you have any information regarding it’s recovery. Or the Portland police, case number 14-2841”



So lets get on it, sleuths! 

Happy hour this week had BETTER be a celebration because we found it:

Imprerial Bottle Shop

3090 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97202


Look, you could find her scooter, bring it to he, and get a beer as a reward! 

(She has promised none of this, but you know you just want to help to be a good person.)

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