The time of grilling is upon us!

‘Sup, you guys?!


The weather’s finally nice enough for a BBQ!


Happy hour this week will be at Casey & Dave’s house

3548 N Albina Ave. (Just off of Fremont)


I have a cryptic note of “Red vic on East side of the street”. I am assuming this is a red Victorian, and not a sunburned gentleman named Vic.

“It’s probably OK to park parallel to (their) wall on the sidewalk, but otherwise there’s plenty of parking”


BYO Beer & grillables, they’ll have some drinks & snacks available (pro tip- I will eat and drink all of these before you get there. I’m unstoppable)


ALSO- Hey, anyone on Instagram or Vine! Find us as TwistNPlay (Instagram) or Twist N Play (Vine). Both of our sites are in their infant stage, so DON’T DROP THEM ON THEIR HEADS.


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